CMA CGM Joins Forces With UNICEF And WEF For Worldwide Distribution Of COVID-19 Vaccines

Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in transport and logistics, signed a charter with the World Economic Forum and UNICEF on December 21st aimed at supporting the inclusive and efficient distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, especially in developing countries.

This charter federates shipping, airline and logistics companies. By signing this charter, the CMA CGM Group commits to :

  • Ensuring the rapid, prioritized and safe global delivery of vaccines, especially in developing countries
  • Supporting the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain thanks to our expertise and our logistics tools.
  • Providing expertise to governments to help plan the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the field.
  • Contributing to the global distribution and logistics of UNICEF-supported vaccines.
CMA CGM Jacques Saade Sets World Record
Representation Image – Credits: CMA CGM

Through its subsidiary company CEVA Logistics, the CMA CGM Group developed an extensive network of specific infrastructures and strong expertise to deliver seamless end-to-end solutions for healthcare supply chains, especially for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals such as vaccines.

Using a range of Active packaging, CEVA Logistics uses plug-in options to ensure critical shipments are delivered within a precise temperature range, protecting the product and its integrity for the entirety of its journey.


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