CMA CGM Foundation Joins Forces With The French Red Cross To Deliver 1,000 Tons Of Emergency Kits To Ukraine

The CMA CGM Foundation is continuing its efforts to help the civilian populations affected by the humanitarian consequences of the conflict in Ukraine.

In support of the French Red Cross, a major partner in the Containers of Hope humanitarian transport program since 2015.

Sixty trucks mobilized free of charge through CMA CGM’s subsidiary CEVA Logistics to transport 1,000 tons of emergency products to Lviv.

More than 15 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian aid and protection as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

Credits: CMA CGM

To support these vulnerable populations, the CMA CGM Foundation is mobilizing the logistics capabilities of the CMA CGM Group, through its subsidiary CEVA Logistics, to carry out a particular operation: the road transport of 1,000 tons of emergency kits in partnership with the French Red Cross, to benefit the Ukrainian Red Cross.

These kits contain foodstuffs (canned goods, soups, dried fruit, cookies, etc.), hygiene products for adults, and specific products for baby feeding and hygiene.

This solidarity road link reflects the CMA CGM Foundation’s continued commitment to humanitarian causes, alongside an NGO with which it has partnered since 2015 on the Containers of Hope humanitarian transport program. Containers of Hope has transported more than 150 humanitarian containers free of charge, including, for example, shipments to French overseas territories to position emergency stocks in anticipation of natural disasters.

Reference: CMA CGM

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