CMA CGM Devotes Its Largest Boxships To Asia Central America 1 Route

On Sunday, January 15, one of the largest containerships of CMA CGM, called CMA CGM Argentina, visited Yokohama port in Japan in what looks like a deliberate attempt by the shipping company to connect Japan with Central America on a more regular basis.

The 15000 TEU boxship Argentina, along with another containership, is part of the new Asia Central America 1 (ACSA1) service, which will bring more fresh produce to Yokohama per journey and bolster better trade facilities between Asia and Latin America.

These ships dock at the Honmoku D4 Terminal in Yokohama and have the infrastructure to handle 550,000 TEU containers, 15% of the port’s capacity annually. 

CMA CGM Boxship in Japan
Image for representation purposes only.

The port’s commitment towards better shipping facilities was reiterated by the port corporation president Shinya Hitomi who revealed that the D5 terminal is in development. 

References: India Shipping News, American Journal Of Transportation

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