Chinese Ships Enter Japanese Waters For The Second Time In A Month

On January 30, Japan raised the issue of Chinese ships encroaching into their waters. The alleged violations happened near Diaoyu Islands, where four Chinese government vessels came near Japanese fishermen.

The situation has happened in the East China Sea, a disputed area near the Senkaku Islands. The ships came close to Uotsurijima and Minamikojima islands, collectively called Diaoyu by the Chinese. 

On January 10, Japan complained of similar trespassing by the Chinese ships.

chinese ship enter Japanese water
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So far, the Japanese Coast Guard has resorted to sending patrol ships and a verbal warning to the Chinese vessels to stay out of Japanese territory.

Japan made it clear in a statement where they underlined the importance of the disputed land in Japan’s history, labelling it as “an inherent part” of their territory. They ascertained their sovereignty in the area, saying there was nothing to resolve. 

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