Chinese Shipbuilding Capacity Over 200 Times Greater Than The US, Claims Navy Intelligence

A leaked slide from the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence (abbreviated the ONI) has raised some concerns regarding China’s ever-expanding navy and its shipbuilding capabilities that surpass those of the U.S.

The slide which circulated online, shows that China’s shipyards have a capacity of more than 232 times that of the U.S., with China producing nearly 23.2 million tons of vessels compared to less than 100,000 tons in the U.S.

Chinese Shipbuilding
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The ONI also estimated that China boasted 355 naval vessels in 2020, while the U.S. had about 296, and such a disparity is likely to keep growing.

The Chinese dominance in commercial shipping has implications for U.S. security and the economy, as a significant portion of the global supply chain relies on Chinese shipping.

In case of potential conflicts, China’s ability to repair, produce, and replace naval vessels much faster could result in dire consequences for the U.S.

Despite the tensions, recent budget proposals have additionally called for a significant reduction in the U.S. Navy’s fleet size rather than a rise to match the rising threat.

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