Chinese Navy’s Semi-Submersible Ship Holds First Nighttime Operation Training

A Semi-Submersible ship called ‘Yinmahu’ of the Chinese Navy recently undertook its first operation training at night, reflecting its readiness in combat situations, per experts.

This training is essential for nighttime operations, which help gain tactical or strategic advantages over enemies in an actual combat situation.

The vessel engaged in loading and transport training in an unfamiliar sea area and undertook submerge-load-float training at night, per the China Central Television report.

In this complex and challenging training, Yinmahu loaded three small boats under strong winds and waves with extremely low visibility.

This semi-submersible ship has a massive deck with a length and breadth of over 100 m and 30 m, respectively, which can go over 6 m underwater while the rest of the ship can remain above the water surface.

Ships like Yinmahu can transport whole weapon platforms, functioning as transport vessels of strategic importance. They can also ship small vessels, essential supplies and large equipment while conducting rescue operations at sea, all in a single voyage, if required.

Per reports, it can also accommodate the Zubr-class air-cushioned landing craft that is too big to be transported by the Navy’s amphibious landing ships.

Per CCTV reports, Yinmahu has been involved in rigorous training and exploration missions since it entered service.

References: Global Times

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