Chinese Fishing Vessel Capsizes In Indian Ocean, 39 Missing

About 39 seamen, including five Filipinos, have been missing since their Chinese fishing vessel submerged in the Indian Ocean, per state media report on Wednesday.

Besides the five Filipinos, 17 are Indonesian, and 17 are Chinese, CCTV reported.

So far, CCTV added that no missing individuals had been located, mentioning that President Xi Jinping had ordered a search and rescue mission.

Chinese Fishing Vessel
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The vessel is reportedly owned by Penglai Jinglu Fishery Co. It capsized around 3 a.m. Beijing time on Tuesday, per CCTV.

Expert search and rescue teams from Australia and other countries have reached the scene, and China has also deployed two vessels to aid the operation.

Xi has said that China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant embassies abroad must strengthen contacts with relevant local parties for coordinating search and rescue activities. He has also asked to strengthen warning alerts of safety risks for distant area operations not to compromise the safety and security of the people.

References: Manila Times, ANI News, Hindustan Times

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