Chinese Companies Ink Agreement On Guangdong Inland Ship LNG Power Transformation Project

On May 29, China Shipbuilding Corporation Limited, Guangdong Provincial People’s Government, and China National Offshore Oil Co., Ltd. signed the “Cooperation Framework Agreement for Guangdong Inland Ship LNG Power Transformation Project” in Beijing.

Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Governor Ma Xingrui, Secretary of the Party Group and Chairman of China Shipbuilding Group Lei Fanpei, Secretary of the CNOOC Party Group and Chairman Wang Dongjin, Member of the China Shipbuilding Group Party Group and Deputy General Manager Du Gang Deputy General Manager Chen Bi attended the signing ceremony.

Qin Weizhong, vice governor of Guangdong Province, Sun Wei, member of the Party Leadership Group and deputy general manager of China Shipping Group, and Wen Dongfen, member of the CNOOC Party Leadership Group and chief accountant, signed the agreement on behalf of all parties.

China Shipping Group, Guangdong Provincial People's Government And CNOOC
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In order to deeply implement Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thoughts and implement the Party Central Committee’s decision-making on ecological environmental protection and winning the blue sky defense battle, it is led by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, implemented by China Shipbuilding Group and CNOOC, and innovates in response to the needs of the Pearl River Basin ship pollution control.

The cooperation model will jointly promote the LNG power transformation of inland ships in Guangdong Province, create demonstrations  of pollution control projects for inland ships, create a green Pearl River, and achieve a win-win ecological and economic situation.

According to the agreement, by 2025, Guangdong Province will complete the transformation of about 1,500 LNG-adaptable ships and the construction of 19 LNG bunkering stations. After full completion, the annual demand for marine LNG will be about 400,000 tons, and it will replace oil products.

Signed Cooperation Framework Agreement On Guangdong Inland Ship LNG Power Transformation Project
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Consumption is about 390,000 tons. According to preliminary estimates, after the implementation of this project, the emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from ships in Guangdong Province can be reduced by 12.6% and 19.5%, respectively. The implementation of this project is of great significance to promote the prevention and control of air pollution, fully reflects the strength of China Shipbuilding Group in green power technology innovation, and demonstrates the mission of China Shipbuilding Group’s “serving the national strategy.


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