China’s First Independently Developed And Built 174,000 cbm LNG-FSRU Delivered

On July 15, China’s first 174,000 cubic meters floating liquefied natural gas storage and regasification unit (LNG- FSRU ) “TRANSGAS POWER” was independently developed and built by Hudong Zhonghua, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, signed and delivered. The construction of China’s international high-end marine equipment has reached a new level.

first 174,000 cubic meters LNG-FSRU in China independently developed and built by Hudong Zhonghua was signed and delivered - Transgas power sailing
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The vessel may be a shore station and a network connection, from the original transport function, that becomes a simple dual function, as temporary filling stations, are transported from a liquid to gaseous natural gas pipeline network a station. The vessel’s comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level.

LNG-FSRU is a high-tech, high-value-added product. It is special equipment integrating LNG receiving, storage, transhipment, gasification, exporting and other functions. It is called a large-scale offshore mobile LNG shore station.

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The ship has been successfully developed and built to achieve synchronization with the latest equipment in the international market. Its ship size fully considers the compatibility of more than 100 major LNG shore stations around the world and can reach the world.

Hudong design FSRU forward-looking strong, the use of dual-fuel electric propulsion system, greatly enhance crew comfort, and the EEDI ahead of the compliance of the third stage, the configuration of the dual-fuel generators and dual-fuel boiler regasification running in gas mode Both can meet the current most stringent IMO Tier III emission requirements and are typical environmentally friendly ships with very strong market adaptability and good market prospects.


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