China To Launch Its Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier by 2025

China is set to commission its most advanced aircraft carrier by 2025, reported Taiwan, describing it as a key threat to be dealt with.

Beijing has become much more aggressive with the display of its military power under President Xi Jinping, who said that the task of reunifying Taiwan should not be passed on to the coming generations.

China views Taiwan as a part of its territory and vows to seize it by force if needed.

Aircraft Carrier
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China’s 3rd and biggest carrier, Fujian, was launched in 2022, but when it will enter service remains unknown.

The Defense Ministry of Taiwan’s biennial report mentioned that Fujian would likely be commissioned after it completes its sea trials by 2025.

Fujian is Beijing’s first catapult aircraft carrier, while others, including Liaoning and Shandong, employ a ski-jump-style ramp for takeoffs.

Experts believe that using Fujian, China plans to undertake deep-sea operations.

The Defense Ministry also reported that Beijing sent 22 warplanes and 20 naval ships near Taiwan between Monday and Tuesday. Around 13 jets flew past the median line of the Taiwan Strait, an unofficial demarcation zone between Taiwan and the mainland.

These developments occurred after Shandong was found on Monday, 60 nm southeast of the island, going towards the Western Pacific.

China’s carrier development program is part of a huge military overhaul by President Xi, who aspires to construct a modern force to counter the U.S military by 2027.

References: Manilatimes, timesnownews

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