China Set To Deliver World’s 1st 5G Cruise Adora Magic City By 2023 End

On 19 May, the CSSC Cruise Technology Development Co Ltd and the Shanghai Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau reportedly held an event to declare the title of the first large cruise vessel domestically built in Shanghai.

The vessel has been titled “Adora Magic City”, recognizing Shanghai’s local nickname and emphasizing its local construction and design and its desire to offer guests an unparalleled travel experience.

Guests will be blessed with the opportunity to explore the largest tax-free shop in the world on a cruise ship, access 5G internet, and indulge in wonderful talk shows and musical performances.

China’s first homegrown large cruise liner, ‘Adora’, will be launched in June, Source: ShanghaiEye, YouTube.

The China State Shipbuilding Corporation (better known as the CSSC), the parent firm of the CSSC’s Cruise Technology Development, mentioned that the liner is all set to be delivered by 2023 end.

Adora Magic City, under the brand Adora Cruises, will chiefly provide services on international channels that lead to Japan and Southeast Asia, with the roundtrip departures starting from its homeport in Shanghai.

In the coming years, the liner can operate on long and medium routes, permitting travellers to visit destinations along the Maritime Silk Road.

The vessel measures approximately 323 6 meters in length. It weighs 135,500 tons and has a maximum capacity of carrying 5246 guests.

References: CGTN, Global Times, CruiseMapper

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