China Grateful For Russia’s Move To Rescue 14 Seafarers From Grounded Vessel

The spokesperson for Beijing’s foreign ministry, Wang Wenbin, has extended his thanks to Russia for the rescue of 14 sailors from China who were in a ship carrying cargo that went aground near Russia’s Nakhodka.

According to Wang, the incident occurred on November 9. A Panama-flagged ship carrying cargo ran aground amidst bad weather in the area abutting Nakhodka. The 14 Chinese citizens on the ship were in a precarious situation. Upon receiving a distress call, the Russian government’s ministry of emergencies dispatched a helicopter to the ship with an emergency response team.

Panama-Flagged Container Vessel 'Rise Shine' Ran Aground Near Nakhodka, Russia
Image Credits: – YouTube

Wang said that all the 14 Chinese citizens were saved. The affected ship, whose hull was damaged, did not sink. Neither was anyone killed in the incident. Wang thanked the Russian agencies concerned for their help.

Wang added that Chinese foreign diplomatic services present in the area were cognizant of the incident and had taken suitable steps.

On Tuesday, the Rise Shine went aground near Nakhodka. The ship’s hull cracked; however, it is still quite stable. The crew comprised 14 of China’s citizens who were rescued. This is a Panama-flagged ship. Data available online shows the vessel is 100m long and 19m wide.


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