China Deploys The Largest Amphibious Assault Ship In The South China Sea

China has expanded its naval fleet with the entry of a new advanced amphibious assault ship called Hainan. The type 075 vessel has been deployed in the South China Sea in the command of the Southern Theatre. The newly commissioned ship has the ability to carry 30 helicopters and hundreds of people.

The ship is likely to make the neighbouring countries anxious over china’s growing influence in the area. This is the first 075 vessel inducted by the Chinese navy. The vessel is likely to be used in Taiwan which is the primary concern amongst the neighbouring nations

On Friday, the vessel was officially commissioned by Chinese President Xi Jinping in the Sanya naval base. Along with Hainan 2 other naval ships, the Dalian Type 055 destroyer, the Long March-18, a nuclear submarine have been inducted. These vessels have the ability to fire JL-1 and JL-2 giant ballistic missiles.

Amphibious Assault Ship
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The new advanced helicopters Z-8J and Z-20J that can be carried by the type 075 vessel have not been fully equipped for use yet. Not just this, the vessel has the ability to carry all kinds of military helicopters.

Previously, the US had been accused of militarizing the South China Sea along with countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and others. The introduction of this vessel will influence china’s strategic role in the disputed waters.

China, however, has categorically termed it as freedom of navigation operations. The ship has the ability to help in humanitarian assistance like disaster relief and also capture terrestrial features which can influence China’s might in the area.


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