China Builds Huge Titanic Ship Replica

China has built a Titanic replica which is scheduled to open soon. The replica has become a masterpiece as it took six years to build it, a longer period than the original took. The replica also contains the famous Southampton Port often seen in James Cameron’s film of the same name.

The idea of creating this replica at a landlocked Chinese theme park to attract tourists had originated a few years ago when the authorities understood the popularity of the ship and the film in China.

Su Shaojun, the investor of the project, has said that he had agreed to finance it to keep the memory of Titanic alive. He has said that he wishes and hopes that it will be still there 100-200years.

Chinese Theme Park To Open Huge Titanic Replica
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Their goal had been to build a museum for the titanic with this replica. That’s why this huge replica built with 23000 tons of steel by hundreds of workers and having a budget of $153.5 million has taken 6 years to build, longer than the original.

The replica has been styled according to the original luxury ship. So, it has everything in the exact sequence – from the dining room to the luxury cabins to the door handles. All this has converted the Sichuan province theme part into a centrepiece, lying at a distance of 1000km from the sea.

The theme park has decided to play the iconic titanic song “My Heart Will Go On” sung by Celine Dion on the tour buses that explore the replica. Once opened, one has to pay $150 to spend a night on the replica ship with 5-star cruise service. It also has a functioning steam engine to make it feel like you are really on the sea.

Su had sold all his assets including his hydropower projects to build this. However, like the original, the replica too isn’t devoid of controversies that have started even before it has opened. Many have doubted that this will be a hit, given the real-life disaster that happened with the original.

Some have called it a white elephant, those ambitious Chinese building projects that nerve mount to anything. They have compared this to the 2008 built USS Enterprise replica that costs around $18 million but had to be abandoned after opening.

However, the investors of this one have been hoping against all odds to attract 5 million visitors. Su has said that the tourist footfall will guarantee the return of the invested money.

The project’s manager Xu Junnian on the other hand has said that the replica is needed to remember and carry forward the spirit of the titanic. It’s a medium to inherit the legacy and preserve the memory of the ship.

The makers have thought of inviting the actors who played the lead of the James Cameron film along with the director himself to inaugurate the replica.


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