Cepsa – First Bunker Supplier In The Strait Of Gibraltar With MFM

Cepsa has installed a new and more accurate measurement system for fuel supply on its barges in the Strait of Gibraltar. The new technology, based on the Coriolis effect, enables the amount of fuel to be supplied to be determined by mass. This in turn avoids calculations being made from measurements by volume corrected by its density and temperature, and also eliminates the possible effect that the presence of air in the flow could have.

The Company has installed and certified this pioneering system on two of its barges, and within the coming months it will be available on its entire fleet in the Bay of Gibraltar. To carry this out, it opted to install Promass flowmeters, the most cutting-edge technology for bunkering systems available from the manufacturer Endress+Hauser.

Image Credits: cepsa.com

The Company will also extend this system to its supplies in other ports, such as Barcelona, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Huelva and Gibraltar.

All the measurement system equipment is calibrated, certified and sealed according to the Directive 2014/32/EU (MID), guaranteeing its integrity and reliability.

In addition to the high degree of precision to the supply, which is essential in the bunker fuel business, the use of this technology reduces operation times by up to three hours, which in the long term will increase profitability. In addition, another advantage is its transparency as it allows for continuous and simultaneous monitoring throughout the entire supply process.

“Having a technology that allows an absolutely precise fuel supply is a priority for our Company. We have opted for a pioneering system in order to offer our clients a supply based on transparency and the trust that they place on our products and operations,” said Alberto Martínez-Lacaci, the Manager of Cepsa’s Bunker Unit.

Reference: cepsa.com

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