Cargo Vessel KWAI Collected 96 Tons Of Plastic From The Pacific Ocean

A cargo vessel named the KWAI that collected more than 96 tons of plastic trash from the Pacific Ocean is reportedly docking in Sausalito, per a statement shared by the Ocean Voyages Institute (OVI).

The OVI deployed a 130-foot cargo ship to collect waste in the North Pacific Gyre (NPG), also famous as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The NPG debris patch spans more than 500,000 sq miles per OVI. OVI traveled along the NPG to San Francisco from Honolulu, covering more than 4,600 nm.

The Government of the Marshall Islands owns the KWAI. It was bought under an initiative reportedly formed at the Paris Climate Accords. The target for the Marshall Islands was to lower its carbon footprint by 30% by 2025.

Plastic In Pacific Ocean
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The KWAI collected 211,644 pounds of trash in 2022’s cleanup. Mary T. Crowley, the President and founder of OVI, was content with the accomplishment. She reportedly mentioned that the captain and crew were outstanding and added that she was proud of their hard work and was also grateful for their passion for helping the ocean.

In 2020, the OVI initiated the greatest ocean cleanup drive in history, removing 340,000 pounds of plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean. The group recovered over 500,000 pounds of the trash before 2022’s outing. After this cleanup, the group could remove 692,000 pounds of plastic from the ocean.

Captain Locky MacLean led the excursion on the KWAI. He reportedly says the work is meaningful as he hopes children will benefit from healthy and safe oceans.

Marine areas span over two-thirds of our planet and form the critical components of our life support system on Earth, absorbing carbon and giving out the air we breathe. So, they can no longer be taken for granted.

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