Cargo Vessel Captain Fined After Almost Colliding With A Passenger Ship

Kolpa Utime, was the captain of Scot Leader, the 90m-long vessel which almost crashed into Stena Edda. The vessel carried 503 people on board in March in Belfast Lough. Kolpa is a resident of Aylesbury in England. The Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard the case and fined the Captain £6,384 after he pleaded guilty.

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According to the reports, the captain increased his ship’s speed, creating a risk of collision with Stena Edda. However, the vessel turned at the last moment to avoid the mishap.

Stenna Eda was requested to alter its sailing course towards the port by Kolai Ultime, which, according to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, is contrary to good seamanship and collision avoidance.


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