Captain Of Portuguese Ship Arrested For Collision With Greek Navy Vessel

The captain of a Portuguese-flagged cargo vessel was arrested on Wednesday by the Greek authorities, due to its collision with a Greek navy mine-hunter outside the port of Piraeus.

The coast guard said, “The captain of the Maersk Launceston container vessel was arrested for alleged violations of the Greek penal code and of the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea.”

A British-built vessel that is capable of sweeping and hunting mines, Kallisto, was cut in two during the collision, much of its stern was severely severed.

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Maersk Launceston was reported to have sustained no damage. The vessel is managed by a German company, John T. Essberger. Slight injuries were incurred by two of the 27 crew members on board, they were taken to a hospital for the same. The remaining crew members evacuated the ship and were towed to a nearby navy base. The rest, 22 crew members were reported without any injuries.

The company said in a statement on Wednesday that “Greek authorities interviewed the vessel’s crew and have officially charged the ship’s captain. Greek authorities requested for the ship to remain in port, and a company representative was providing support to the ship’s master and crew.”

The company added, “The exact details of the incident which took place early on Tuesday, October 27 are yet unclear. Greek authorities are continuing their investigations, to which John T. Essberger will offer its full cooperation. Managers again would like to express their concern over the injuries of the crew of Kallisto, wishing them a speedy recovery.”


Video: Maersk Container Ship Collides With Navy Vessel Causing Severe Damage

A Portuguese-flagged cargo ship collided with a Greek navy minesweeper outside the port of Piraeus.

The 4533 TEU Container vessel Maersk Launceston collided with the navy vessel, leaving two crew members injured. They were later transported to a hospital…Click here to read the full story

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