Captain Falls Overboard From Bulk Carrier, Survived 3 Days By Clinging To Wood

A Turkish captain heading a capsize bulk carrier dubbed QUORN was lost overboard on 2 May in the waters of the Java sea. This is toward the north of Bali. The ship was sailing from Australia to Vietnam. However, her voyage was interrupted and went SAR, alerting concerned authorities, including the Turkish and Malaysian authorities.

The vessel was able to resume its voyage in May; however, the Captain was missing. Miraculously, he was found by local fishermen on 5 May. They rescued him and rushed him to a hospital.

He is now in a stable state, still suffering from sunburns. Per reports, he was able to survive by clinging on to a mere piece of wood.

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QUORN meanwhile, stopped on 5 May northwest of Belitung Island in Indonesia. Most likely, it was expecting more instructions – either to call Indonesia port to pick up Captain, or to continue the voyage with Captain boarding the ship someplace else.

Per reports, the captain said that he does not recall falling. This is why the details regarding the accident remain a mystery – people do not fall overboard losing memories of what happened.

The possibility of some kind of conflict among the crew members cannot be ruled out. However, most likely, the real story will never be disclosed unless it is tipped off by crew members.

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