Candela Technology To Make World’s Most Modern Testing and Development Centre for Electric-powered Boats At Frihamnen Port

Ports of Stockholm welcomes another new sustainable marine innovation tenant. Candela Technology has moved to Frihamnen Port in Stockholm and is building the world’s most modern testing and development centre for electric-powered boats.

At the beginning of June, Candela Technology AB moved into 830 m2 in an old warehouse building at Frihamnen Port in Stockholm. During the summer they will also expand into additional space on the quayside, which will house an advanced prototype workshop.

“It is great to move into a maritime city area that is on the way to becoming an attractive site for innovators and entrepreneurs. Thanks to Ports of Stockholm, at Frihamnen Port we can build the world’s most modern testing and development centre for electric-powered boats,” says Mikael Mahlberg, Communications and PR Manager at Candela Technology.

Candela Technology
Credits: Ports of Stockholm


Candela Technology is a world-leader in high-efficiency electric-powered vessels for both private and public transport. Their fundamental aim is to accelerate the transition to fossil fuel-free waterways and oceans. Thanks to a unique hydrofoil technology, Candela’s vessels fly over the water with 80 percent less energy usage than conventional vessels, making it possible for the first time to travel both far and fast over the water on electric power.

At Frihamnen Port, Candela will develop the technology enabling the Candela P-12 ferry, the world’s first electrically powered hydrofoil ferry, which will be used in the Stockholm public transport services in 2023.

Since it opened, Frihamnen Port has played an important role in the history of the community, and now, 100-years on, is a place for new ideas and entrepreneurs. There is already a mixture of exciting businesses there, including museum, microbrewery and media giant operations, as well as individual innovative companies.

“It is a perfect match, and fantastic for Ports of Stockholm to welcome a tenant that merges marine innovation with sustainability. We are very pleased that yet another renound and creative tenant is moving in and making their own mark at the growing Frihamnen Port,” says Fredrik Lindstål, Chair of the Board of Ports of Stockholm.

Ports of Stockholm has around one hundred tenants at Frihamnen Port and administers 127 000 m2 of property in the area. The buildings are unique, with a long history behind them, and create a wonderful environment.

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