Canada Joins UK In Restricting Russian Vessels To Enter Ports

Canada is still extending its efforts to prevent Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by imposing new measures on the country’s ports and waters. Omar Alghabra, Canada’s Minister of Transport, declared that the federal government has plans to ban Russian-registered or owned ships and fishing vessels in the internal waters and at Canadian ports.

Canada’s busiest port, the port of Vancouver, said that the number of Russian-flagged ships calling it is minimal. In the past, those who’ve traded canola oil, crude oil, and copper concentrate, a spokesperson informed.

Canada is keeping a keen eye on three vessels flying the Russian flag off the East Coast, one of these is a cargo vessel, and a government official informed Reuters.

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Canada is scrutinizing the holdings of Russian oligarchs and enterprises in the country, Chrystia Freeland, the Finance Minister informed the reporters on Tuesday. She said that a strict review is being done and everything is on the table.

Canada is supporting Ukraine with 1,600 bulletproof along with nearly 400,000 meal rations. The ban is going to be implemented later in the week and will be authorized by the Special Economic Measures Act.

This comes after a declaration by PM Justin Trudeau on Monday that Canada will be restricting crude oil imports from Russia.

Canada has successfully imported C$2.14 billion worth of goods from Russia in 2021, data from Statistics Canada reflected, with minerals and metals among the valuable categories. IN 2021, it imported C$289 million worth of Russia’s energy products last year, per the agency.


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