C-MAP Delivers Advanced Fleet Management Analytics For Smart Shipping Era

C-MAP delivers advanced fleet management analytics for the smart shipping era. C-MAP, the leading provider of commercial marine charting and cloud-based software solutions for fleet management and route optimization, has launched a new version of C-MAP FleetManager.

The web-based enterprise solution now gives shoreside managers more insight into their fleet’s performance for more informed decision-making through powerful analytics.

Fueled by Microsoft Power BI, C-MAP FleetManager gives immediate access to fleet data with interactive reports via a personalised dashboard. Customers can now connect data sources and see a graphical representation of all their ship’s data through interactive dashboards. Analysis reports can be created easily, in real-time, offering increased visibility and transparency into the performance of their fleet.

Image Credits: c-map.com

“Our customers capture more data about their fleet from more sources than ever before.” said Capt. Niles Baker, Global Sales Lead – Commercial Fleet Products, C-MAP. “But what they needed was a way to easily and efficiently access that data and gain real insights in real-time to manage their fleet effectively. So, we built an analytics tool into our C-MAP FleetManager solution to give our customers a simple and structured way to gain the intelligence they need, when they need it.”

Feedback from C-MAP pilot customers about the new FleetManager solution has been overwhelmingly positive. A global ship operator who is a long time user of C-Map services said:

“The new analytics tool has enabled us to dive deeper than ever into the performance management of our vessels, giving real-time insights in a simple and structured way. This is a fantastic new leap forward for the product. The new analytics tool has saved so much time in running regular reports by presenting the crucial data on my dashboard, and the C-MAP development team has been helpful in tailoring the reports upon request.”

Press Release: C-MAP

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