BW Orion Becomes Third VLGC To Be Retrofitted With Pioneering LPG Propulsion Technology

BW LPG congratulates Captain Rabacca Jr. and crews onboard BW Orion, on the successful completion of sea and gas trials. BW Orion joins BW Gemini and BW Leo, to be the third VLGC to be retrofitted with pioneering LPG propulsion technology.

BW Orion VLGC Retrofit
Image Credits: BW LPG

To commemorate this important milestone, the crew explained the environmental, operational and economic benefits of LPG propulsion in the video below.

Reference: BW LPG

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Total Of 15 BW LPG Vessels Set For Dual-Fuel Conversions With MAN ES

The vast majority of current orders for LPG carriers over 30,000 cubic metres are with ME-LGIP technology, enabling these vessels to use their own cargo as fuel in the future. In my view, LPG as a low-carbon fuel is well on its way to becoming the new market standard in this segment.”

BW Gemini - World’s First Successful LPG-Retrofit
Image Credits: BW LPG

With LPG as a marine fuel, the BW Gemini’s output efficiencies rise by around 10% against fuel oil, which will in turn generate notable gains in total voyage fuel-economics. This, along with other advantages, secures LPG’s position as a long-term, sustainable marine fuel.

BW LPG has previously commented on its choice of retrofits over newbuildings where Pontus Berg, Executive Vice President, Technical and Operations, LPG, said: “Retrofitting allows us to minimize our carbon footprint – the process emits up to 97% less carbon dioxide compared to a new building construction. Retrofitting also means that we do not add additional tonnage that the world does not need. In addition, BW LPG’s fleet is already widely recognized amongst charterers for its efficiency, and so retrofitting its vessels to dual-fuel LPG would help to further reinforce the company’s strong reputation in this area.”…Click here to read the full article

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