Bureau Veritas Approves RIMS BV For Use Of Drones During Surveys

RIMS BV (Robotics In Maintenance Strategies) are the first company to receive an attestation from Bureau Veritas (BV) Marine & Offshore, as an approved service supplier, allowing the use of Remote Inspection Techniques (drones) during surveys of hull structure of ships and mobile offshore units classed with BV.

RIMS are a global provider of high tech, safe, autonomous and sustainable surveying and maintenance solutions. They supply and provide services which aid with the replacement of old and expensive, slower,
high-risk and resource intensive maintenance activities, with new smarter drone and robotic technologies.

Credits: rims-bv.com

It is anticipated that the use of drones to carry out inspections of enclosed spaces will not only reduce the time to carry out scheduled survey work but will improve visual records, while minimising risk, bringing substantial benefits to owners, insurers and classification societies.

David Knukkel, CEO of RIMS BV commented on the approval: “To receive approval from Bureau Veritas is a real breakthrough for us in the shipping industry. To be acknowledged by one of the largest established and respected class societies shows that we are on the right track to deliver safe and approved drone surveys for the marine industry.”

Reference: rims-bv.com

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