Brodosplit Shipyard And Storylines To Build The World’s First Eco-Friendly Residential Community At Sea

Brodosplit shipyard and Storylines residential ships have reportedly signed a contract to build the world’s first sustainable private residence vessel. Brodosplit, the firm that is a part of the DIV Group, has kick-started the engineering phase of the 753-foot passenger vessel that is expected to boast 547 private residences. The ship, to be called MV Narrative, is the first-ever residential vessel to be powered by liquid natural gas propulsion.

Alister Punton, the Storylines CEO, mentioned they were thrilled to collaborate with such a reputed European yard, especially one with a history of delivering top-notch passenger vessels.

The ship is not typically like a vacation cruise ship. It’s built for those seeking a residential life at sea. It’s meant to be a floating community. It boasts a school, post office, library, bank, hospital, pools, and even office spaces. Besides, there are about 20 bar and dining venues.


It boasts the greatest wellness centre at sea with a 10,000-square foot area for the gym, spa, and anti-ageing clinic. The amenities include a waterfront marina with a bowling alley, personal watercraft, a hydroponic garden farm, an open-air fitness deck with a yoga sun deck, racquet sports, and a running track.

• Total sales revenue of the assignment was valued at about US$1.5 billion
• 2025 delivery; 547 residences
• Powered by liquid natural gas (LNG)
• The most environmentally sustainable passenger vessel in the world

LNG is the most environmentally friendly option available at the moment to power vessels. Other initiatives include converting wastes into energy and growing produce in the solar-powered hydroponic garden. A zero-waste farmer’s market will also be there with locally sourced items where everything is either compostable or recyclable.

Tomislav Debeljak, the Brodosplit President of the board, is pleased to build the innovative vessel with Storylines. He added that the firm constantly seeks to participate in projects that bring developments to the industry and incorporate new technologies.

The vessel is unique and has several energy-saving features, boasts dual fuel-powered engines, and will be enhanced further to have the lowest emission of harmful gasses and particles.

New green technologies and ship systems are being pioneered, which makes the project exciting.

Pricing of the residences on the ship starts from $1 and goes up to $8 million for the vessel’s lifetime. There is a limited number of 24-year leases available. These are priced from $647,000.

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