British Seafarer Held In Custody For Two More Weeks | Vessel Collision Off Swedish Coast Update

On Monday, Scot Carrier collided with Karin Hoej off the coast of Sweden, making the Danish-flagged vessel to capsize. An individual was discovered be dead inside Karin Hoej when it was being towed to the shore. Yet another crew member from the ship still continues to be missing at the sea.

Two individuals – a Croatian and a Briton – were arrested due to drunken seafaring, negligence in maritime traffic, and bringing about the untimely death of another human.

On Thursday, a prosecutor named Tomas Olvmyr said during a court hearing at Sweden’s Malmo District Court that the British citizen was born in 1991. It was most likely that the three crimes were committed by him. He’s been remanded in custody for two additional weeks.

2 Ships Colliding
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The 1965-born Croatian was suspected of sea drunkenness. However, the Swedish Prosecution Authority had confirmed that the person has been released, even though he was a suspect.

During the start of the week, Scotline Marine Holdings Limited (SMH), managers and owners of Scot Carrier said that crew members on board the vessel were examined following the collision. On examination, it was found that two members of the crew had exceeded the predetermined limit.

It stays unknown whether the firm was indicating the Croatian and Briton, or the other members of the crew.


One Of The Vessels Involved In Collision Off Swedish Coast Starts Sinking

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