Brazil’s Biggest Aircraft Vessel To Serve As Field Hospital As Rain Kills 50

 Brazil’s Navy vessel reached the coastal city of Sao Sebastiao on Thursday to rescue victims of heavy rains that had been afflicting southeast Brazil, which has reportedly killed about 50 individuals and also displaced thousands.

The multipurpose aircraft vessel of the navy, its biggest ship, will serve as a field hospital in this crisis. It is equipped with landing vehicles, helicopters, and hospital beds.

The rainfall recorded last weekend was the heaviest to be ever recorded in the country in 24 hours, per government data, and left behind a trail of destruction along the northern Sao Paulo state coast.

Aircraft Ship
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Almost 38 individuals continue to be missing, while over 3,000 have been compelled to flee their houses, per a statement from the state government of Sao Paulo.

Sao Sebastiao, located about 124 miles from the Sao Paulo metropolis, reportedly bore the brunt of storms, including almost all reported loss of lives, as drastic downpours provoked dangerous flooding and landslides.

More rainfall is likely to happen in the coming days as humidity from the Amazon rainforest, and the Atlantic Ocean creates optimum scenarios for moderate to heavy showers, per the state government.

References: India Today, The Print

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