BrahMos Supersonic Missile Creates Big Hole In Abandoned Indian Navy Ship

BrahMos supersonic cruise missile was test-fired by INS Delhi, a warship of the Indian Navy. The successful maiden BrahMos firing from an upgraded modular launcher demonstrated its long-range strike capability with its integrated network-centric operations from the frontline platforms.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) successfully test-fired a BrahMos supersonic cruise missile on Tuesday from a Sukhoi fighter jet on the Eastern seaboard. The missile “live firing” was conducted in coordination with the Indian Navy, the IAF mentioned. The missile was able to hit the target with precision and accuracy, the officials said.

On Wednesday, BrahMos officials reported to ANI news agency that the missile (with no warhead), was fired at a speed of almost 3,000 kmph on Tuesday, it created a hole in an abandoned ship.

Brahmos Supersonic Missiles
Image Credits: @indiannavy

The highly manoeuvrable missile was cruised at supersonic speed for maximum range and mission objectives, needless to mention, were successfully met.

In 2016, the Indian government had decided to integrate the air-launched variant of the Brahmos into more than 40 Sukhoi fighter jets. The project was thought to enhance the IAF’s capacity to strike from long stand-off ranges on any target on land or sea.

On 5 March, the Navy examined an advanced version of the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile from a stealth destroyer in the Indian Ocean. The missile had been fired from the stealth destroyer INS Chennai.

BrahMos Aerospace is a joint venture between India and Russia. It produces supersonic cruise missiles that can be launched from aircraft, submarines, ships, or land platforms. BrahMos missile flies at 2.8 Mach or thrice the speed of sound.

The missile’s range of advanced version has been extended to about 350 km from its original at 290 km.

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