Boy From Bangladesh Rescued From Ship After Traveling 1600 Nautical Miles

 In Malaysia, a boy was reportedly locked inside a shipping container from Bangladesh’s Chittagong.

The preliminary suspicions of human trafficking had to be dismissed following a cursory investigation by the Police. 

The young man mentioned that he and his friends had been playing around with empty shipping containers. He had fallen asleep in one of the containers. When he woke up, he found the door locked.

Boy rescued from ship
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The empty container was reportedly loaded onto a 21,500 dwt container ship registered with the Marshall Islands. The vessel set sail from Bangladesh’s Chittagong on 12 January and travelled about 1600nm to Malaysia’s PORT KLANG. 

The vessel reached on 15 January and started unloading on 17 January. The boy spent five days locked up in the container before he was freed.

A dockworker employed at PORT KLANG found the young man when he heard the knocking sound as he was examining the containers being offloaded from a container vessel. 

He was weakened but still coherent. The boy was interviewed by the Police and checked up on by a medical team. The person was fed, offered a change of clothes, and then rushed to a hospital.

The issue has been handed over to the Malaysian government’s Immigration department, which will send the boy home on the same container vessel on which he had arrived.

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