Bouri Offshore Field Accident Results In Several Deaths; Bodies Of Victims Sent To Homeland

The authorities in Tunisia have shared new details regarding the Bouri offshore field accident that took place in Libya, claiming the lives of four Tunisians.

Libya’s Tunisian Embassy stated on Saturday that five workers had fallen off a floating storage tank while they were carrying out maintenance activities.

Tunisia’s Consul General, Tawfiq Al-Qasimi, declared the death toll to be four that night, specifying that one of the dead bodies continued to be missing.

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One of the deceased was the executing company owner. Per Al-Qasimi, the company was about to get done with its work on Friday, the day of the accident.

On Sunday morning, these bodies were sent to Sabratha city for a final autopsy before being delivered to the victims’ homeland.

Last Friday, the Maritime Transport Authority and the Libyan Ports officially spoke of the deaths, injuries, and loss of Tunisian workers at the field, following the collapse of a bridge that used to link the Sloug floating tank and connection points present on the platform.


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