Body Of Youth Who Was Missing From A Vessel In Tunisia, Brought Home For Cremation

The body of an Attingal native named Arjun Raveendran (27), a youngster who was missing from a vessel in Tunisia, was brought home. Arjun is the youngest son of Bhama and Raveendran. On Sunday night, the body was brought to the Thiruvananthapuram airport. Per instructions of the High Court, Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital again conducted a post-mortem on Monday. Samples for DNA testing have also been collected.

On Monday, the body was brought at 4.45 pm to his house. Arjun left home on 5 March after getting a job in a Mumbai-based shipping firm. He joined the company and left for Turkey on 17 March. As per his parents, he usually called them daily in the beginning. However, 20 April was the last time Arjun called up home. He had informed his parents that the vessel was at the outer sea of the port in Tunisia, and it was waiting for permission to enter.

Arjun Raveendran
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Raveendran received a call on 27 April, mentioning that his son was missing. He then received another call on 28 April that said Arjun had managed to escape the vessel.

The Indian Embassy again called the family after a few days to inform them that a body had been recovered from the Tunisian sea on 13 May, and they needed Arjun’s mother’s DNA to confirm whether it was her son.

Following the update, his mother’s DNA profile was sent on 21 May. The family was informed that the DNA profiles matched, and it was Arjun’s body. Arjun used to tell his family how his boss kept shouting at him and would torture him.

His family has alleged foul play behind his death and has requested a thorough investigation. Many, including MLA O S Ambika, have condolences over Arjun’s death. The body was cremated at the house premises at around 5 pm.

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