Bodies Of 25 Victims Found After Floating Crane Disaster In South China

The bodies of 25 victims have been recovered after a floating crane reportedly sank off south China’s Guangdong Province in early July, the provincial maritime search and rescue center stated on Friday.

On the early morning of 2 July, an offshore wind-farm project’s floating crane was discovered via a monitoring system. It was in danger after the mooring chain broke as it was sheltering from a typhoon named Chaba, near Yangjiang.

Video Credits: CGTN / YouTube

The crane later sank with 30 individuals onboard falling into the water. Four were rescued later, and 26 went missing.

With 25 bodies found, search and rescue missions continue to locate one more missing person.

Over the past four weeks, aircraft and vessels have conducted search and rescue missions covering more than 10,000 square nm.

Reference: Shine, Xinhua

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