On-Board Health Care Made Easier Through Digitalization

​This new feature is a small step on the road to digitalization. These years, the Danish Maritime Authority is striving to digitalize as many work processes as possible to ease the burdens imposed on both seafarers and the industry as much as possible.

The Danish Maritime Authority continues its work within the fields of digitalization and the utilization of technological solutions for the benefit of Blue Denmark.

Image Credits: dma.dk

Annemette Knagaard, Chief Ship Surveyor at the Danish Maritime Authority:

“The new solution has been requested by the seafarers for quite some time and now they will no longer need to print, fill in by hand and scan documents when reporting information to Radio Medical about cases of illness on board ships.


The Radio Medical Record is to be filled in by the medical practitioner on board the ship in case of illness/accident. The record contains forms to be filled in about the patient’s condition. The Radio Medical Record is to be forwarded to Radio Medical Denmark so that the medical practitioner has the information needed to make as correct a diagnosis as possible and to start the treatment on this basis. Both the person in charge of medical care and the medical practitioner are obliged to keep a medical record.

Radio Medical Denmark is a tele-medical/maritime medical service body that is manned 24-7 and which assists Danish ships with medical care of ill and injured persons on board.

Read more about Radio Medical Record on DMA.dk

Reference: dma.dk

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