BISON Launches New Automated Container Lift Solution

BISON, the global leader in container jacking systems, has just launched a new, automated container lift solution that is capturing the attention of importers and exporters around the world. “The C-Lift A32 is a game changer for shippers wanting to work with grounded containers” says BISON CEO, Greg Fahey. “Currently, these companies have to invest alot of money in on-site handling equipment, or bear the cost and limitations of a third party lift service – assuming one is available in the area.”

BISON Automated Container Lift Solution
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BISON is promoting the A32 as a serious alternative to mainstream container handling equipment, offering shippers the freedom to lift containers independently, at times and in places that best suit them and delivering a return on investment through lower costs and improved operating efficiencies.

The A32 comprises four mobile lifting columns, driven by electric powered hydraulics and controlled by a wireless remote. Onboard electronics ensure stability and synchronous lifting. The A32 lifts all ISO container types and sizes, including ISO tanks, high cubes and 53 footers.

“The A32 is safe, quick and easy to set up, has a lift capacity of 32 tonne, and it only takes one operator 3 – 5 minutes to lift the container from ground to trailer height”, says Mr Fahey.

BISON Automated Container Lift Solution
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The launch of the new C-Lift A32 follows the successful launch last year of BISON’s P32 model. The P32 is a more portable and lower cost container lift, now in use in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America. By comparison, the A32 provides a faster, more automated option, and is targeted at importers, exporters and freight hubs handling up to 50 containers per week.

BISON says a common theme amongst its many customers around the world is that traditional container handling equipment is big, heavy and expensive. This makes it challenging, costly and sometimes impossible for people outside of freight hubs to lift containers on and off truck trailers. This in turn can add inefficiencies and complications to logistics operations.

“We want to solve this problem”, adds Mr Fahey. “With our growing range of C-Lifts, we’re committed to making it more practical and economic for more people to handle more containers in more locations.”

Press Release: BISON Group

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