BigLift Fleet Incorporates MC-Class Vessels

End of February BigLift Shipping’s BigLift Baffin arrived in Singapore to deliver a crane boom and luffing frame for Heerema Marine Contractor’s new flagship Sleipnir from the Huisman wharf in Xiamen, China. This is the first project for the vessel after her transformation into the BigLift colours. Sister vessel BigLift Barentsz’ first voyage in the BigLift livery will start next month with a shipment of container cranes for a Japanese client.

BigLift MC Class - BigLift Baffin

It is well-known that at the end of 2017 BigLift Shipping ended the cooperation with RollDock for the management of the MC-Class vessels. Since January 1, the two BigLift-owned MC Class vessels are part of the BigLift fleet and are now sailing under the names BigLift Barentsz and BigLift Baffin.

By adding the two wide deck carriers to the BigLift fleet, BigLift’s heavy transport capabilities have grown significantly, when looking at module size handling, load carrying ability, shipping optimisation and project efficiency.

Subsequent to the fleet expansion, Biglift is engaged to further focus on developments in the Renewable and LNG markets. This involves transport of jackets and the new generation monopiles but also of large modules for substantial LNG projects. BigLift is also looking towards opportunities in a rebalancing Oil & Gas segment and at global expanding ports and new port developments.

All these market developments and subsequent projects demand good insight and analysis for optimised project execution. The BigLift organisation is more than capable and prepared to perform the necessary tasks. Complementary to the BigLift engineering department a significant part of the BigRoll engineering team has moved to the BigLift office in Amsterdam after the winding up of the BigRoll enterprise.

BigLift’s decision to end the BigRoll venture shows BigLift’s confidence in its capabilities and market approach. It further underlines BigLift’s dedication to provide customers with reliable and efficient heavy transportation solutions. By understanding the customer’s specific needs and by thinking in solutions, a better project result will be secured, reducing risk and costs.

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