Bermuda Triangle Cruise To Offer Full Refund If Passengers And The Ship Go Missing

For long, conspiracy theories have been developed on the Bermuda Triangle, following reports of aircraft and ships vanishing in the region. Also popular as the Devil’s Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle is situated in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. A travel agency is now inviting guests to take a trip to the region.

Per Mirror, the Ancient Mysteries Cruise tour provides a twilight Bermuda Triangle cruise on a glass-bottom vessel with discussions, interesting presentations, and interactive sessions. If the conspiracy theory about the area intrigues you, you may consider taking the trip and witnessing the reality.

The 5,00,000 km stretch in the Atlantic Ocean, has been baffling scientists for over decades. At least 75 planes and a few hundreds of ships have unexpectedly disappeared as they tried crossing the Bermuda Triangle. The inexplicable reason behind the disappearance has given birth to several conspiracy theories, including those of hexagonal clouds, sub-sea pyramids, and alien bases.

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To be on the cruise guests have to pay tickets worth £1,450. Per Mirror, guests will be signing up for the trip to the Atlantic Ocean on the Norwegian Prima liner headed to Bermuda from New York. The report mentions that those who are buying the tickets will receive money back if the vessel disappears into the Bermuda Triangle.

Besides traveling around the region, passengers will also be able to listen to sessions by guest speakers on board. The Ancient Mysteries Cruise will include speakers like the journalist Nick Pope who worked with the UK Ministry of Defence, Nick Redfern, and Peter Robbins. Other activities include a Group Shore Excursion as well as interactions with these speakers.


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