Beirut Blast: Owner Of Sunken Cruise Ship To Sue Those Responsible

On 4th August, the explosions at the port of Beirut shook the entire world. The blast occurred in a port warehouse and has subsequently destroyed a major part of the port city.

In a move deemed to be the first of its kind, the owner of the sunken Lebanese Cruise Orient Queen, which sank because of the blast, has filed a lawsuit against the alleged perpetrators responsible.

The owner of the cruise ship is Merhi Abou Merhi, a Lebanese entrepreneur. It is believed that many other lawsuits with the same nature as her’s will follow in the days to come. With a death count of 154 and wounding 5000, besides displacing hundreds of Lebanese individuals, this incident was one of the worst catastrophes to have ever struck the Lebanese capital.

Beirut Blast Cruise Ship Orient
Image Credits: Twitter

Besides the cruise ship being sunk by the explosion, two crew members who had been on board allegedly perished due to the incident. One of them was a Syrian, the other Ethiopian. Seven other crew members were wounded due to the explosion.

Abou Merhi said, “We want a fair, quick and transparent investigation.” She also added that the Lebanese state was to pay for all the damages that the port city had suffered due to the explosion, due to the crippling conditions prevalent in the Lebanese capital.

The Lebanese terrorist organization, Hezbollah, has denied stocking arms and explosives in the Lebanese capital.

Lebanon has detained all major port officials who had been involved in port duties from 2014 on grounds of negligence of duty.

The cost of the damage is around $15 billion, as estimated by Lebanese authorities.


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