Bangladesh: More Than 300 Injured, 49 Killed In Huge Fire At A Container Depot

At least 49 individuals have lost their lives after a massive fire broke out at a shipping container depot located in Chittagong in Bangladesh last night, officials reported today.

The accident at the shipping container depot in Sitakunda has left almost 300 individuals injured and officials fear that the death count will increase.

Per Nurul Alam, the police officer who was posted at the police outpost Chittagong Medical College Hospital, the initial probe has indicated that the fire broke out owing to a chemical reaction.

fire at container depot

Local media has reported that fire has spread after an explosion.

The police officer has reported that the fire broke out at about 9 pm and the explosion took place at midnight. Following the blast, the fire spread rapidly.

The chief of the Health and Service Department at Red Crescent Youth Chittagong, Istakul Islam, mentioned that more than 450 individuals have suffered an injury in the incident. The death count can be even more.

Per sources, the explosion was so intense that window panes of houses that were nearby got shattered.

The Assitant Director of Chittagong Fire Service and Civil Defense, Md Faruk Hossain Sikdar, mentioned that about 19 firefighting units had been collaborating to douse the fire. Six ambulances were available at the spot.

The container depot has been operational since 2011 (May).

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