Bangladesh Hopeful Of ‘Good Friend’ Russia, Even After Returning Their Sanctioned Ship

Bangladesh believes that its refusal to let a Russian ship dock at its ports will not hinder its bilateral relations with the country. This comes at a time when Russia has summoned the Bangladesh ambassador to state their disappointment with Dhaka’s decision. 

Meanwhile, Bangladesh highlighted that the two countries are working together in many avenues, and a single issue is unlikely to dampen their spirits.

Seheli Sabrin, the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, reiterated this on Thursday when she highlighted Russia’s role in Bangladesh’s liberation, saying Russia is their long-term friend. 

Embargoed Ship
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She further explained that the embargoed ship issue was over a month old, while the summoning of the Bangladesh Ambassador happened only recently on February 21. She also underlined that Bangladesh is a trade-dependent nation which maintains cordial relations with all countries. 

In hindsight, the Bangladesh govt has asked their Ambassador in Moscow to send a detailed report of the discussion. Russian media reports highlight that the Russian Foreign Minister drew the Ambassador’s attention to the sanctioned ship incident, pointing out it runs contrary to their bilateral relations. 

Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy revealed a list of 69 sanctioned Russian ships barred from Bangladesh ports which doesn’t mean Bangladesh is rejecting Russian goods outright. 

The Russian Foreign Ministry alleged Dhaka’s decision was made under US pressure. Earlier in January, Bangladesh had given a notice to Russia not to send goods in embargoed ships. 

References: The Daily Star, The Print

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