Bangladesh Asks Russia Not To Send Cargo On 69 US-Sanctioned Ships

On Sunday, January 22, Bangladesh requested Russia against sending embargoed cargo ships as they don’t want to sour relationships with the US. The move came when an embargoed ship carrying goods for the Rooppur plant wasn’t allowed to dock.

Dr AK Abdul, Bangladesh Foreign Minster, said that Russia had been advised not to send 69 US-sanctioned ships to the country. 

Sparta III carrying goods for the Rooppur power plant, wasn’t allowed to dock at the Mongla port on December 24. The Foreign Minister highlighted how Russia changed the ship’s name to avoid sanctions. 

Sanctioned Russian Ship
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Before the ship’s arrival, the US Embassy informed Bangladesh authorities about the vessel, stating it was indeed the embargoed ship Ursa Major, classified as Attack Cargo Ship (AKA) on their sanctions list. The vessel comes equipped with troops and equipment along with cargo. 

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is concerned about the situation as it could affect the country’s economic conditions. 

References: Economic Times, The Print


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