Baltic Exchange Launches New Ship Operating Expenses Assessment For LNG And LPG Tankers

The Baltic Exchange has added quarterly assessments (GOPEX) on the cost of operating LNG and LPG tankers to its growing suite of shipping investor tools.

Data will be provided by leading independent third-party ship management companies Anglo-Eastern and AEX LNG Management, Fleet Management and V-Group.

The Baltic Exchange’s latest offering follows benchmarking that also covers vessel earnings.

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Baltic Exchange Chief Executive Mark Jackson said:

“Adding OPEX indices for gas carriers brings transparency to the marketplace about how much it costs to run an LNG or LPG carrier and complements our data for the spot earnings of these vessels. They assist investors assess health of earnings using independent and reliable information from a credible provider of benchmarks for the shipping industry.”

All values are expressed in USD per day and the published OPEX value is the sum of crew, technical, insurance and fees. Drydock costs do not contribute to the OPEX, but are published for both LNG and LPG vessels.

Baltic Operating Expense Index Gas GOPEX $/day

  • LNG Carrier Operating Expense Index LNGOPEX $/day
  • LNG Carrier Crew Cost LNGCC $/day
  • LNG Carrier Technical Cost LNGTC $/day
  • LNG Carrier Insurance Cost LNGIC $/day
  • LNG Carrier Dry Dock Cost LNGDC $/day
  • LPG Carrier Operating Expense Index LPGOPEX $/day
  • LPG Carrier Crew Cost LPGCC $/day
  • LPG Carrier Technical Cost LPGTC $/day
  • LPG Carrier Insurance Cost LPGIC $/day
  • LPG Carrier Dry Dock Cost LPGDC $/day

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