Bahamas White Sand Beaches Drenched In 30,000 Gallons of Fuel Spilled by Arabian Vessel

PM of Bahamas, Chester Cooper, announced an environmental disaster that took place on Tuesday night, off the coast of Bahamas. A vessel named Arabian accidentally spilled about 30,000 gallons of fuel at the renowned resort island of Great Exuma, the biggest among the Exuma Island Chain, popular for its white sandy beaches and friendly pigs that swim with humans.

Contracted by the company Sun Oil, the accident occurred as Arabian was unloading fuel at the George town’s Old Navy base, as reported by Nassau Guardian.

The PM announced that the oil had been contained in the bay area, close to the Sailing Club of Exuma.

oil spill
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Head of the Club, Mr. Dallas Knowles, said that the diesel spill was on a smaller scale than initially thought. Nonetheless, it can cause great harm to the Bahamas and the nearby tourist attractions.

George Town is situated on the Great Exuma Island, and its economy relies mainly on tourism. Hence, dealing with the spill quickly is the need of the hour.

Most Government Officials visited the spillage site on Wednesday. All Government Agencies have been deployed to assess the situation and clean up the area. According to government officials, executives from Sun Oil Company are also cooperating to mitigate the spill’s impact.

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