Australia Purchases ‘Smart Sea Mines’ For $1 Billion

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia has been steadily moving forward with plans to buy advanced sea mines to defend its territorial waters from China and potential enemies’ naval incursions.

The country’s government is expected to spend about $1 billion procuring next-gen underwater weapons. 

Sea Mines Australia
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The measures represent Australia’s first-ever substantial investment in sea mines since the Vietnam War is meant to deter China and other rivals from sending their vessels and submarines into its waterways.

The report, citing sources, highlighted that the government would soon declare it had inked a contract with a European arms supplier to buy several sea mines. 

The report further mentioned that the Department of Defense has been planning to buy multi-influence ground mines, which can respond to magnetic, pressure, and acoustic impacts from boats.

Besides, they can also be dropped from an aircraft, a submarine, or a ship onto the ocean floor.

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