ATS Claims To Revolutionize International And Multimodal Shipping

Anderson Trucking Service Inc. (ATS), a leading provider in maritime and specialized transportation solutions, recently finished a successful test shipment utilizing a revolutionary new kind of shipping container for transporting breakbulk freight.

The company’s new innovation – dubbed the Breakbulk Box – successfully completed its test on a journey from Jacksonville, FL to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Breakbulk Box allows shippers to load their cargo from the side onto a flatbed deck. The Breakbulk Box, with lid and walls built as a single top section, can then be safely and easily secured to the deck by stacker or crane, essentially transforming the open deck to a fully enclosed shipping container. The container’s design allows for a no-transfer service that protects customers’ freight from the origin point to destination, thus providing a claim-free shipment.

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The 53’ x 102” high cube container carries the seal of approval for ocean shipment by the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC), making it complaint with maritime regulations.

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“The ease of loading traditionally non-containerized cargoes, and the ability to protect the cargo via a no-transfer option substantially reduce risk and improve security of the shipment. In addition, the multi-modal capabilities make the Breakbulk Box an evolutionary advancement in breakbulk shipping”, said Steve Hastings, Director of Operations. “Nobody out there has been able to offer something like this until now.” ATS CEO, Rollie Anderson, praised his team and the ATS Maritime Division for taking the lead role in developing a solution that will benefit customers and the industry as a whole. “Innovation is a core value in the ATS culture. After more than 60 years of experience in transportation, ATS has become known for its advanced approach to solving customers’
transportation challenges. An inventive mindset allows us to use our expertise and deep knowledge of transportation to help our customers and meet needs that no other carrier has previously been able to meet. The Breakbulk Box is one more example of ATS’ innovation in action.” Anderson said.

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