APM Terminals Valencia Certified As Authorised Economic Operator

APM Terminals Valencia received the internationally recognized security status, Authorized Economic Operator for customs simplification (AEOC) from the EU last month. The aim of the AEO program is to enhance international supply chain security and to facilitate legitimate trade, is open to all supply chain actors

Miguel Marín, Commercial Director of APM Terminals Valencia, explained that AEO certification recognizes the terminal, “As a safe and reliable business partner that operates in close collaboration with customs authorities and other government authorities.”

Clear customer benefits

For customers, certification translates into simpler customs procedures, fewer physical and document-based controls, and priority treatment if selected for control. For Marín, “AEO status also means that the controls we have in place minimize delays and enable better planning, better customer service and lower inspection costs.”

APM Terminals Valencia
Image Credits: apmtereminals.com

The terminal also complies with all the safety requirements established in the International Code for the Protection of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS).

The AEO certification process required the terminals to align a number of procedures to the requirements established by the European Economic Community. “This involved a lot of detailed work as we have always been proactive in the terms of minimizing procedures and making them more efficient,” explained Marín.

AEO status for Rail Terminal since 2016

APM Terminals Valencia’s rail terminal, which connects directly with the national network to meet import or export needs anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula, received AEO certification already in 2016. It offers daily trains to the Madrid area and other regular connections with the main logistics areas of the country.

Reference: apmterminals.com

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