APM Terminals Moín Looks Into Future With Digital Platforms To Increase Efficiency

In 2021, APM Terminals Moín (Costa Rica) celebrates two years of operations. 80% of Costa Rica’s containers go through the terminal, making the facility essential for the country’s supply chains.

On 28th February 2021, APM Terminals Moín celebrated its two-year anniversary in operation as Moín Container Terminal (Terminal de Contenedores de Moín – TCM). Despite challenges caused by the global pandemic, the company has made significant efforts to implement complimentary services at the terminal, such as cross-docking and scanning, as well as a wide range of digital platforms helping it ensure operational continuity during the pandemic. Furthermore, the terminal – already equipped with two mobile cranes of 100 tons each – will receive a third crane of 150 tons, to be operational in May.

Strict sanitary and safety protocols implemented have allowed the protection of all staff, customers, suppliers and visitors and were crucial for safeguarding TCM’s 24/7 operations throughout the challenging period.

APM Terminals Moín Looks Into The Future With Digital Platforms To Increase Efficiency-msc-sara-elena
Image Credits: apmterminals.com

Commitment and responsibility

“Being an essential service provider, we reinforced the importance of continuity in logistics chains despite the pandemic. 80% of Costa Rica’s containers come through our facility, which is a great commitment and responsibility for our team towards the country”, said Hartmut Goeritz, Managing Director of APM Terminals Moín. “It was important for us to quickly implement the changes in our processes to guarantee import and export of both foreign trade and essential services, like food and medical supplies.”

This has allowed the company to operate more than 1,200 vessels, handle approximately 600,000 containers and make significant improvements in terms of productivity, sustainability, and talent management during 2020.

Productivity enabled by digitisation

During 2020, APM Terminals Moín implemented the globally used digital platforms Track & Trace (T&T) and API (application programming interface) at TCM, in order to help customers to obtain real-time information about their containers and allow them to be more productive, efficient and competitive. Currently, the Moín Container Terminal team is part of the select group of 13 terminals around the world that use the API functionality.

Reference: apmterminals.com

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