APL Awarded “Best Green Shipping Line” By HAROPA

APL has received the ‘Best Green Shipping Line’ award from HAROPA, the French port of Le Havre on 13 November 2017. APL’s third consecutive win since 2014, the achievement marks an acknowledgement of APL’s exemplary environmental performance in reducing air emissions beyond the standards set by the International Maritime Organization.

Nicolas Sartini, APL Chief Executive Officer said, “APL stands proud as the ocean carrier to have made the greenest call at HAROPA in 2016. A signatory of the HAROPA charter since 2013, APL has continually advanced in lowering our fleet emission levels across the trades where our vessels ply. APL remains committed in being an environmental steward and will persevere in our pursuits of environmental excellence in our ship operations.”

APL Best Green Shipping Line
Image Credits: apl.com

Benchmarked against the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) that evaluates the emission levels of a ship, APL vessels have scored distinctions to be ranked amongst the cleanest containerships that called the French port in 2016.

In fact, APL recorded its highest fleet carbon dioxide emission reduction of 48% in 2016, compared to its base level in 2009. This is a result of continual improvements in operational efficiencies, fleet and voyage optimisation, as well as the deployment of a fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly fleet of vessels. Moving forward, APL aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30% between 2015 and 2025, a target set by the CMA CGM Group.

To reduce emissions such as sulphur oxide and protect ocean biodiversity, APL will persist with cold-ironing and ballast water treatment development respectively though technology innovation, clean energy sources and the adoption of best practices.

Through stakeholder collaborations and engagements, APL continues to navigate the developments in shipping, monitor its environmental scorecard and stay accessible to solutions for sustainable shipping.

Reference: apl.com

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