An Abandoned Vessel Washes Ashore On St Martin’s Island

An abandoned cargo vessel reportedly washed ashore on St Martin’s Island in Cox’s Bazar’s Teknaf on 24 October.

Locals and members of the Coast Guard informed our local correspondent that the uncrewed container cargo vessel was washed ashore owing to the effects of cyclone Sitrang and the corresponding tidal current. The top part of the vessel has some open areas. Several containers and other items are present.

A Parishad member of St Martin’s Union named Nazir Ahmed stated that the locals were crowding to see the vessel. MR 3322 and SC4562B were reportedly written on the ship, but they couldn’t discover where the ship had come from. The content of some rooms is unknown as they’re locked.

Abandoned vessel
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The vessel spotted on 24 October morning reportedly got stuck close to the coral stones at Chhera Dwip, a portion of St Martin’s Island.

Mujibur Rahman, the chairman of St Martin’s Union Parishad, mentioned that when the locals informed him about the container vessel, he told the police and the Upazila administration about the situation. He’s not able to say more right now.

Lt Ashik Ahmed, the Teknaf Station Coast Guard Commander, said a team of coast guard visited the site upon receiving the information.

The cargo vessel reportedly measures 90 meters and has some goods inside.
The coast guard official mentioned will conduct a search on the cargo vessel following the cyclone.

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