AMSA To Undertake Focused Inspection Campaign For Livestock Ships

From 1 March to 31 August 2021, we will undertake a focused inspection campaign (FIC) on livestock ships departing Australian ports.

The purpose of the focused inspection campaign is to ascertain the level of compliance with the maintenance and repair requirements of International Conventions. It will also check the familiarity of the Master and officers to assess the stability of their ship in differing conditions.

AMSA has implemented this FIC as a result of recent incidents involving livestock ships in Australia.

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On the 7th of January 2021, AMSA banned the Barkly Pearl from entering Australian ports for a period of 24 months due to substantiated concerns relating to the structural integrity of the ship, the potential threat of pollution to the marine environment and the immediate risk to the seafarer’s safety.

This banning illustrates that AMSA has a zero-tolerance approach to ships that are poorly maintained, and that the Australian community expects that any ship operating or travelling throughout our waters is seaworthy.

Inspection process

We will undertake the FIC in conjunction with normal port State control inspections.

AMSA surveyors will use a checklist when they conduct this FIC. A copy of this checklist is provided below. Our focus is on ensuring that the ships that carry livestock from Australia are fit for purpose, safe, and properly maintained.

Where a surveyor finds a deficiency in relation to the items in the checklist, the surveyor will discuss the deficiency with the Master, and their intentions with regards to rectifying the deficiency.

There are two parts to this FIC checklist. The first part relates to Marine Order 43 specific requirements. These are Australia’s national requirements. Any deficiencies found that relate directly to Marine Order 43 will be recorded on the record of the inspection form (SV-CC).

The second part of the FIC relates to International Convention requirements. Any deficiencies will be recorded as part of normal port State control practices.

Every livestock ship that carries livestock as a cargo from Australia, will be subject to one FIC inspection during this campaign. The duration of the campaign allows for each livestock ship that holds a current ACCL to be inspected once during this campaign.

Outcome of the focussed inspection campaign

The results of the focussed inspection campaign will be analysed and a brief report prepared. This report will be published on our website.


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