AMSA Coordinates Rescue Of French Solo Yachtsman In Indian Ocean

AMSA coordinated the search and rescue operation for a French solo yachtsman in the Indian Ocean approximately 1300 kilometres south-west of Perth, Western Australia.

On Sunday, October 21, around 12.45am AEDT, AMSA was notified of a dismasted yacht taking on water.

The French yacht Laaland was participating in the Golden Globe race. The yacht subsequently activated a distress beacon around 5.30am AEDT.

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AMSA tasked the Challenger jet to locate the vessel and report back on its condition. The Challenger arrived on scene around 10.00am AEDT (October 21) and assessed the situation. The search crew on board the Challenger jet were able to confirm the yacht was upright and floating, although its mast was broken. The French sailor was uninjured, moving around his yacht attempting repairs and did not request any additional supplies.

On Monday, October 22, AMSA tasked a nearby bulk carrier MV Shiosai to assist. Another racing yacht, SV Alizes II, was also diverted to the area. The MV Shiosai arrived on scene around 2 am AEDT Tuesday, October 23.

AMSA’s Challenger jet and a Royal Australian Air Force P-8A Poseidon aircraft conducted flights over the area to provide assistance with the rescue.

The MV Shiosai recovered the yachtsman from his yacht around noon today (Tuesday, October 23). He will travel with the bulk carrier to its original destination of Las Palmas, Canary Islands.

AMSA would like to thank all those involved in the search and rescue.

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